Monday, August 04, 2008

david brin on epublicans

david brin as usual is having a rant about republicans in the last few threads.
He has a point in that bush's presidency is a disaster. I measure that in terms of the same sorts of things david mentions such as
- national debt,
- military readiness
- international respect (ie good will credit with other countries)
and so forth

But first I don't see republicans as evil (potentially wrong, but not evil) and I disagree somewhat with regard to how he views the Democracts. Clinton did an OK job for a US president - but for a long time the US has run poor strategic policy. It has build up trade deficits , funded things through printing money, set up greater fool tricks in their market in debt securities and shares, allowed crime and prison populations to get out of control and otherwise mismanaged almost everything that requires large scale planning. I'm tempted to blame it on either their excessive belief in individualism, private enterprise or lack of systems to prevent corruption... But really I don't know.

Still it has been like watching a train hurtle towards a mountain with no tunnel. What is happening now is just the very beginning of the inevitable result. I had that impression when Clinton was in just as much as now - although I think Clinton did a better job he didnt get anywhere near stopping the train.


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