Saturday, August 16, 2008

forcing men to have babies

From discussions with a lot of the girls I know it seems that many - quite possibly most women in NZ at some stage in their life attempt to have a baby with a man against their will.

Usually the man is saying something like "i don't want to have kids right now - just want to wait until we are married."
the woman in the other hand is thinking "I'm getting a bit older now and it may be hard to have a child soon."

The man is probably following the strategy of using condoms to prevent pregnancy. Anyway the usual method seems to be to pierce the condom with a needle.

First my friends need to realize that most condoms have spermicide on them - piercing the condom with a needle will cripple their ability to stop STDs but causing pregnancy - I think that is pretty unlikely.

But lets assume that this strategy was a very effective one - how moral is the strategy? I presume we can say it is somewhat immoral but immoral like a simple lie or is it a deeply immoral thing? Should such an activity (if it can be proven) have legal implications regarding child care or justification for divorce or anything along those lines? Does it's apparent commonness mitigate that?


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