Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Winston peters

Watching Winston peters online
(winston the leader of NZ first a NZ political party - up on charges of lying to parliment and possibly cheating our electoral law)

- his intro was not too bad. His strategy seems to be to ignore the hard facts and nitpick about issues where he might be able to win. the impression given is that he might be winning. He seems to be insisting that glenn provide evidence for everything and infers conspiracy from the fact that we don't have them yet. He looks at his notes a lot.

Bill Ralston thinks he isn't and says he has nothing.

Now questions are starting - when facing hard questions like "why did his bank details get sent to Glenn straight after the phone call - he provides no solid defence at all besides "i can't remember" and something to the effect of maybe he asked for it for some unknown reason.

so far - Winnie is toast

Winnie is still covering for Helen Clark (ie going out of his way to defend her) - good boy. I guess he has to now.

8:24 - Winston is warming up he is starting to sound more confident and aggressive.
Winston agian talks abut Glenn not remembering someone, more attacks on Glenn as a reliable witness - not very convincing though.

8:42 - Winston seemed to struggle to handle a pasty question about maybe he was thanking glenn for his help in the racing community rather than for the donation.
Echo makes it a little hard to listen to.
Apparently lots of people don't remember incriminating evidence against Winston Peters


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