Sunday, September 07, 2008

National "re-releases" environment and conservation policies

Seems to me all this debate about leaks in national should by all rights reflect worse upon Labour than upon national. Sure national has some staffer who is a "mole". But it would not be that hard to put a mole in a party and do we really want parties that are so secretive that it would be impossible to do that? that surely would result in an ideologically in bread policy formation.

But what is of concern is that Labour is probably seeking out people in order to play this sort of trick and is then running around smugly as if we should think that playing this sort of game puts them in a good light.

anyway like the PAD Mallard is an asshat.

and that is from a person who voted labour last time - and might still do it - although I really haven't made up my mind this time - just it wont be NZ first, everyone else is in play.


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