Saturday, October 11, 2008

The NZ institute

I'd liek to generally support the sentiment of this from the NZ institute.

We keep hearing about how how the G7 are going to cooperate to solve the problems of hte world or how National has the solutions. But I heard the G7 solutions and their comment seemed to amount to 'its every man for himself". Sure they stood next to each other but as long as they talk about every country working out what their best strategy is it means they couldn't agree their way out of a paper bag.

That means that this problem will get much worse before it gets better. So what will national and labour do? continue to vastly overestimate the economy like they have for the last few years? well.. yes. Will they have any new strategy? apparently not...

they need to come up with a new and innovative plan and the suggestions of the NZ institute are a starting point for debate. Of course National's strategy is "me too" so they cant come up with anything innovative at all - and Labour's strategy is "desperate pragmitism" which means they don't really care what is good for NZ anymore.

Do we have any good third parties?


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