Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thailand vs PAD

the PAD really needs to be put in a room with the door locked and slapped until they see sense.

Now they have taken over the airport, closing the huge pipeline for money to come into the country and thus generally inflicting harm on the country as a whole. Whilst there they appear to have thrown a bomb at themselves (probably some stupid over excited protester) and thus don't want the police to investigate the incident since it would show how stupid some of their supporters are. Meanwhile they cost thousands of thai workers their jobs by disrupting trade at the worst possible time (during hte crisis and coming up to christmas).

The PAD actually want to set up a Fascist state in Thailand, where the brown shirts (which just happen to wear yellow this time) force the democratic government to put in place a government made of appointed members appointed by various interest groups. Ironically it is both not democratic and also highly susceptible to corruption. sure you don't get people buying the votes of poor people with policy and cash (as thaksin did) but that is because you dont need to bribe them, the corrupt people have direct control of the government!

The PAD are becoming les popular and if the government can hold out a litle longer maybe the military will step in on their side and kick the remaining protesters out. But how much damage will they have done in the meantime....

I also have some advise for tourists - dont worry aobut the protests - the protesters wont target foreigners and if you stay away from the protest sites you wil be as safe if not safer than in your home country. it may make traffic really slow so forth, which may be annoying and may cost exta money but safety isn't an issue (as long as you stay away from the guys dressed in yellow, ... no.... it is not a tourist attraction).


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