Saturday, November 22, 2008

asking an invalid question again

Here is another example of how philosophers can ask a question that doesn't have any meaning to a scientist
Richard asks What is the ultimate locus of value, or 'end in itself'?
He proposes either
(1) Each particular individual.
(2) The world as a whole.
So in one formulation of this you might ask “do we make people happy in order to make the world a better place or do we make the world a better place in order to make people happy?”
Well to me this sounds like asking does 1+1=2 or does 2=1+1
If your definition if (2) is the sum of all (1) then the question is equivalent to the one above – and makes just as little sense. If that isn't true then we are saying that there is another factor involved like 1+1+x=(2) but there is no sense to saying there is an ultimate locus.


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