Wednesday, December 08, 2004

students going overseas

aparently 1/3 of Nz students plan to go overseas right away and 2/3 plan to go overseas in the shortish term.
BUT only 16% of NZ students plant to go overseas. the obvious conclusion is that we have a large amount of foreign students who planto go overseas right away. no problem right/ well not in itself but the problem arises particualrly in schools such as enginering. Universities dont jsut build another engineering department - these sort of capacity issues are likely to change slowly and have nothign to do with hte amount of NZ engineers we want to produce - similarly hte amount of NZers wanting to do engineering also change slowly.
On the other hand the fluctuations in foreign students change relatively quickly. So what happens is that the engineering school gets flooded with foreign students - the university instead of creating more spaces just raises the entry requirements pushing NZ students into other courses. Then the foreign students go back overseas leaving NZ with a lack of engineers.
You only realise there is a problem quite a few years after (maybe 10 years) the fact when companies start complaining about a lack of engineers in NZ and even then no one is held accountable afterall universities are not held accountable for the level of training they give NZders they are instead accountable for hte amount of articles they can publish and the amount of money they can get out of the students.


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