Saturday, August 27, 2005

case for withdrawl

Alan Bock makes the case for immediate withdrawal from Iraq
making an important point

The argument that now that we’ve intervened we have an obligation to stick around until we’ve made things better has a certain superficial attraction. However, it is almost as certain as that the sun will rise tomorrow that there will always be something imperfect in Iraq – and a strong case can be made that things won’t really start to get better until the U.S. occupation is ended. So it is important for us to attack this line of thinking head-on and make the case persistently that removing U.S. troops from Iraq as soon as possible is the best course available and is not tantamount to surrender and retreat.

People in the US seem so eager to declare themselves defeated - setting impossible goals and then inevitably failing to reach that goal. But it is a pretty odd world where victory can be defined as having another army come in crush your army in a few days and wipe out your organization and then leave.


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