Friday, September 09, 2005

New Orleans flooding - why didnt the govt help / why didnt the public help?

In disasters people want big and authoritarian government.

It sounds so easy - why didn’t the government just send in some cars to pick up all the people and drive them out of New Orleans - so simple and it didn’t really happen. And so the average man on the street starts to complain about the ineptitude of the government - but there is a problem here. It is that the government represents "joe" on the street. And Joe on the street sat at home watching the TV. He didn’t get in his car drive to New Orleans and pick up some poor people.

In effect what "Joe" is saying is that he wants the government to force someone else to do what he can’t be bothered doing but thinks is the right thing to be done. Now I have no problem with the state developing rescue plans - it should have dealt with the crisis better - but this is a knife that cuts both ways- how many of the people complaining about the government did not go to help and would not have gone to help remove people from new Orleans? If most people who were able to did not do that it implies the public had a similar level of not caring as they are accusing the government of having.

It is a shame when people just look to the government to make the right decision and expect themselves to make the wrong one.


Blogger Tiberias said...

They make a reasonable point about Joe average being afraid to get in and help once he started hearing about the murders and rapes - they have this huge fear thing going on over there.

The geography probably played a part too, long way to New Orleans when you have to drive through a disaster area. Some things really are best done with humvees or unimogs.

12:30 AM  
Blogger Genius said...

rue Tiberius but i did hear from a TV reporter he was able to drive in in a normal car and find peopel by the sides ofthe road - there were many many people that could have been helped even though some were not quite so easy to help.
I als accept that govt has a role and an obligation but it is not the only organization that has such obligations.

12:49 PM  

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