Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Posting needs to be cathartic in the bogging world because people's views are usually rock solid. You can have some vague influence and if you are lucky one day a big influence on some issue but you can’t rest your self image or happiness on this.
To me bogging is just a matter of getting my thoughts out there, testing my mind and learning about things through debates.

It doesn't really bother me much when someone disagrees or if I fail to convince them of anything - the debate itself is enjoyable enough.

I guess that is why I have almost never ended a debate - other people almost always give up and go away first either because they don’t know what to say to a good point, because they just get tired of trying to keep up or because they are not getting what they want out of the debate (for example maybe they get enjoyment by converting people).

I also often find my debates wander a little because I am eager to follow others onto topics where they are the strongest and debate them there and because often positions depend on unstated assumptions making it meaningless to debate the first question without addressing the second. I have a very non specific information gathering method and am almost as comfortable debating Islam (based on the Koran - even though I am not Islamic) as I am debating politics or anything else.

Pity I have never met anyone who has both the inclination and ability to have a similar aproach.


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