Saturday, November 12, 2005

Art and the Suspension of Disbelief

Philosophy talk notes - We’re All Crazy (Prelude to Tuesday’s show “Art and the Suspension of Disbelief”

Surely if you want to fool yourself it is superior to be able to do that when required?
You could of course do the simple expriment of sitting in a room in the dark and, with a bit of determination, making yourself hapy or sad or whatever you want.
There are various practical situaton in which this could be useful including alowin the potential for an animal/ person to prepare themselves for an event in a mroe wholistic sensehan they could otherwise and to allow evolution another tool for shaping behaviour.
Personaly I often watch foreign movies right through BUT I see how every additional difference from my own world makes it harder and harder to get attached because it requires me to create and use new mental images rather than jsut using those that are already there.


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