Friday, November 11, 2005

Libiterianism's voyage

Universal acid notes

In college one of my political science professors tossed off an offhand comment in his first lecture to the effect that "over time, the modern state tends to expand." He meant expand both in intensity and scope - government becomes more effective at exerting power, and starts to bring more areas of life under its control - but especially the latter.

and Tyler Cowen agrees:

I have a simple theory: in any period of time, government grows as large as it can, given available technology and a few cultural constraints. For better or worse, voters support this growth. ... Short of technological retrogression and negative economic growth, we should not expect government to ever get smaller. ...

The complainers are the libertarians. They will always lose, and they will always be intellectually important.

To this I add that
Surveys seem to show the public are usually more libiterian than their government. take for example the political compass surveys etc that go around (I also suggest in general the public are probably more left wing than their government). This is probably because the government itself pushes for more power to do more good as they see it.

And i also suggest that the Libiterians wil loose in an absolute sense but relitive to the trend line they will from time to time have victories and defeats.


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