Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Benson Pope

the police have found htere is a prima facie case against benson pope but htey wont charge him because it occured 22 years ago.

Unlike everyone else and despite any political milae I might want to get - i think I have to support this decision. the first thing is

1) It is a crime that occured 22 years ago when he was almost a different man. Philosophically I think you can be almost entirely changed in that period of time if you wnat to punish someone for a crime punishment should rapidly follow the crime. and the law/police recognises this by letting it slide.

2) Politicians should be punished as much as any other man but no more so. Unless you would demand that your local truck driver loose his job if there is a "pria facie case" of assault against him.

Now a crime might be relevant to a person's job in which case it might be ok to use it (despite that being a bit unfair) but 22 years after the fact I dont think this is. Imagine if you couldnt get a job if you had commited a crime - you leave very little for the criminals to do except commit crime.


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