Sunday, November 13, 2005

Desiring the good of others

The ethical wearwolf looks at "Desiring the good of others and being crazy"

The root problem he seem to have here is self justification ie that person x believes blacks are inferior because they want to believe lets say whites are superior (thus making themselves marginally more important). I dont think the root is ever "a desire to see others suffer" I dont think this is common enough to be a major cause and at it's root is created from the above anyway.

HOWEVER I am not sure if I would consider this the greatest / only evil even though it might be bad and is extremely common and pervasive.

I am also not sure such a reduction of morality produces the results we want -
Many of our moral positions depend upon us being illogical in a sense - for example we asert that certain groups of people are equal in all sorts of situations despite clear statistical evidence they are not (eg handicapped people or any other group you care to define).


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