Sunday, November 20, 2005


makes a great comment regarding chomsky and the problem with him.

the bottom line being "I might note, lastly, that a close examination of Chomsky's views will discover that logic errors pervade. In fact, I do not think his positions have very much appeal to those who think an argument must be logically valid."

Chomsky isn't nearly the evil man his opponents might try to make him out to be he is just the natural result of our media system.

I think it is a sad thing about the media that people like chomsky are the people who are most able to sell articles because it is indignant shallow analysis (that carefuly avoids ofending certain groups) that is required to sell articles to people who will only apply shallow analysis in search of a reason to be indignant.

On the left this is chomsky and on the US right it is anne coulter - both doing the exact same thing - in the context of the post some of the peopel on Chomsky's side are pretty nasty people (although some might say the same of anne coulter!).


Blogger Sean said...

One difference between them - Ann is often funny. Chomsky - never.

7:20 PM  

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