Monday, October 31, 2005

God and time

Mathetes asks if god is eternal :

Thre are a nmber of issues I have with his arguments
1) If god is not eternal it means that there is something outside of God on which God depends.

This I think is a bit trival in that that thing would be "time". It also sets up a bit of a poor conception of time that he has with god infinitly extended in time which in itself implies he is controlled by time.
I suggest the following imagry.

A god beyond time and space would need to look down on the universe as a set of universes each representing each instident in time.

2) If God changes, it would mean that God lacks something.

this has interesting implications for a god - Ie a god can then never change his oppinion or take any action now because he would already have had that thought and already have taken that action at any instant in time. How could you expect a god to help you if he would already have known your choices and already have helped you if you needed it before you could even had had the hope ie having the hope implies he doesnt want to help you.

Furthermore I reject the implication that a god must be omnipotent to be worthy. a god that is ALMOST omnipotent this would change little regarding if it was worthy god to worship or seek potection from. Perfection is not required - just like men in the past have worshiped gods that they thought were vengeful all they need is somthign greater than themselves.

3) he argued that hte universe cannot be infinite in time - he says "if “right now” had to wait infinitely long to occur, could it actually do so? No."

I think this is wrong because it is an interpretation from within time. you would not have to "wait" for anything to happen because there would be no one to do the waiting - least of all you.


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