Saturday, December 10, 2005

Climate change

So they got all excited about the progress made by the climate talks.
Apparently they will renew Kyoto and have chat with the US about what to do next - now they can just go home and put their feet up (sarcasm) .

What irritated me in part is that usually when I hear the US talking about climate change I hear things like "it isn't fair" or "pollution will just be diverted" but the impression I got from the ambassador this time was there will be no targets - non negotiable..

Now I agree that you don’t have to sign up to targets in order to save the environment and that Kyoto could be considered unfair or ineffective but those arguments are neutered if your response is "even if it was perfectly fair we wouldn't sign up".

At least china and india offer to try to reduce emissions (even if we dont believe they will suceed)

Under Saturday's nonbinding agreement, however, China and India pledged to pursue voluntary emissions reductions.

USA should at least offer the same. I dont think this is the right way to aproach it but there is a difference between saying it is a stupid treaty and generally trying not to even be part of the debate.


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