Friday, December 09, 2005


Capitalism bad tree pretty looks at pornography
She quotes a znet article which says

As leftists, we reject the sexism and racism that saturates contemporary mass-marketed pornography. As leftists, we reject the capitalist commodification of one of the most basic aspects of our humanity. As leftists, we reject corporate domination of media and culture.

CBTP is a bit more moderate stating

I would fully support that part of the McKinnon-Dworkin ordinance that allowed women to sue producers of pornography on the grounds that its production was rape (and set a very low standard for them to be successful).

It seems the sort of society that would prevent a woman from willingly posing naked or semi naked for a willing photographer in order to publish a magazine that will be viewed by and only by willing readers is a society that is very much the opposite of most modern leftist thinking and is clearly adding an additional thing to it's list of stuff women are not allowed to do (but potentially men are).

I admit I can see some value in it - but it comes a little down the list from things like preventing youth from gathering in potentially threatening groups in public places (or having low barriers to allowing members to sue other members for peer pressure).


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