Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tookie Williams

Here is somthign from the mother of the victim

I think this whole case point's out the stupidity of the death penalty system in the USA

A man is put in jail for 26 years and THEN they decide to execute him. As I have said before, I might support hte death penalty in some cases (although I can't think of many) but for this case we had one man who went to jail 26 years ago and we can asume he was guilty - however we decided not to kill him, 26 years later we decide he has become significantly more evil that he now requires death? I find that hard to believe - in fact it apears the opposite is true - over the last 26 years he has ceased to be the same person - he can probably hardly remember a life before jail and he probably shares little with the man who went to jail.

Furthermore it has largely destroyed the deterant aspect since the sentance is so far removed from thecrime - who as a young gangster even thinks of living at the age of 50?

The killing only seems to serve one of the laws purposes and this is the worst one of all - revenge.


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