Tuesday, December 06, 2005

National overspends

National has admitted they overspent their electoral broadcasting allocation by $112,500

It ma be a genuine mistake but a few things come to mind

1) This is not the sort of error you would expect business savvy national supporters to make (of course it includes GST!).

2) The $100,000 fine is a bargain. I suggest everyone overspend their budget next year if that’s all the threat is. If they overspend another 100,000 next election they could probably win and probably get it back a few thousand times over in terms of tax cuts to their members.

This leaves us with two options - they did it on purpose - and probably wone a seat or two extra as a result therefore distorting our democratic elections in NZ (regardless of whether you think it should be a rule or not it is a rule and one that is strongly influential on the outcome of elections)
They are conveniently incompetent from the people at the top (who should know whets going on) to the people who did the spending.

National deserves to be crucified for this.


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