Friday, December 16, 2005

Performance based pay

The ministers have jsut got another pay rise - quite a bit it seems so why a pay rise? well er inflation and er a tip on top.

But that doesnt seem to explain why the salary is 120 k or 200 k or anything it is really jsut politics deciding it. Apparently the current system is a bit week so what can we do?

Should we have performance based pay for ministers?

Sure governments are not entirely responsible for economic growth but they may only be 10% responsible but it still makes some sense at that level.
You get what you pay for/measure and at the moment we are measuring a mixture of inflation and the ability to convince some group of people to pay you more for no apparent reason.

Maybe the government should just have a budget as a whole for these sort of things and have to work within it and allocate the funds by some sort of performance. (ok I can already see problems but It is jsut a starting suggestion).


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