Sunday, January 08, 2006

Debating protocol

I was wondering about a new law rather like Goodwins law (the first person to invoke hitler looses the argument) but more general...

1) the first person to repeat their argument looses
2) the first person to fail to adress any of the latest points from the other party in two sucessive posts looses.

So if the following conversation occurs

Mike: god is good
Bob: no he isn't what about the problem of evil
Mike: god is good because the bible says so
Bob: but the bible says all sorts of things about killing
Mike: god is good because jesus said so

I suggest Mike has lost and quite possibly in his second sentance and certainly in his third

and if this occurs

Bob: christianity is not true
Mike: but there is evidence that a number of the people in the bible are real people
Bob: Christianity is not true

Then Bob looses
in reality he might jsut "almost" repeat his argument in which case he might have to do it 3 times

Fair enough?


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