Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Road saftey

I my have explained hte high holdiay death toll.
Drive down the main highway from auckland (or just about any main highway) and I amsure you will see the signs on the side of the road "locals die too" and "friends dont mind if you are late" and of course hte usual "drive to survive" these wee all presumably marginally improvin hte driving of poeple moving along the moterway howevwer slightly less impressive were signs such as

"you can't fight fatigue" "you are gettin sleepy" "your eyes are closing" and "you are now dead". OK only the first one is true but that sort of argument seems to me likely to have exactly the opposite effect to what they want to achieve. You generally only see these things out of the side of your eyes and so it is a bit much to expect the majority of people to analize them. So subconciously all it does is make you sleepy.


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