Saturday, February 11, 2006

beat up the other guy instead!

Yourish compares buy danish with boycott danish and finds buy danish wins - I hada closer look and it seems this correct although it is more realistic if you use quotes - it is around 3:1.

meanwhile Fonterra and Nestle declare they are "not danish".
This is a bit like having a "im not a Jew" sign on your door.

Switzerland's Nestle, Italy's Ferrero and New Zealand's dairy co-operative Fonterra were among the companies putting out newspaper ads showing their products were not made or imported from Denmark, according to Reuters.

And from free republic the buy danish campaign looks into having a litle "sell NZ" in it .
Please guys pick a fight with fonterra if you want but dont blame a whole country for the actions of a single company - that is the stupid thing the protestors are doing - (although I dont mind buying danish to compensate for sanctions - that is a bit different).


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