Friday, January 27, 2006

Hamas wins palestinian elections

Things jsut got simpler in the middle east.

Why? well for a long time hamas soldiers have been shooting rockets at israel. Previously the government of palestine could have disowned thoe militants and said they were just crazy members of some other organization. This was part of the reason for israel's frustration at palestine and their attacks on hamas (lets say police actions to be charitable).

But thats gone for the moment.

If hamas's soldiers are part of hamas then it simplifies issues quite a bit when hamas soldiers send rockets into israel then palestines legitimate government is attacking israel with its legitimate soldiers.

If this happened lets say in any normal country (ie enemy soldiers attacked your citizens the legitimate response would be retaliation against that country (not jsut the individual soldiers) and possibly war.

maybe israel should give them a chance to either be reasonable or put their foot in it. Withdraw to the wall, and if palestine tries to attack (attack israel propper) them deal with them as one would deal with any country that attacked you.


Blogger sagenz said...

agree with the comment - soldiers are now agents of the state. israel will react and money will stop flowing. of the two I think the latter will have far more of an influence on hamas actions.

11:04 PM  

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