Friday, February 10, 2006

Mohammed cartons

It is common for people in this climate to search for some sort of middle ground compromise even on the right
For example Kiwipundit (and most commentators) argue

"The cartoon of Mohammed with a bomb in his turban should never have been published in the first place. It is not funny and completely misses the point regarding Islam and terrorism. It is the equivalent of a cartoon of Jesus wearing a Klan hood."

The problem is that this forgets the context of the cartoon.
The cartoons were drawn in response to the sort of perceived censorship by fear that this whole incident has made clear. The same artist has also made a similar cartoon previously saying basically the same thing about Judaism. So it would seem the best interpretation of the cartoon is that he was saying "Islam’s reactions are often explosive" i.e. you draw a Mohammad cartoon and then they explode in anger - this is similar to the message that the other cartoons seemed to carry so maybe they saw it as part of the brief. It could also be making a vulgar statement like "all Muslims are terrorists" but I doubt it because that would mean the last cartoon said that all Jews are terrorists.


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