Friday, April 07, 2006

Breaching supression orders

Has the suppression order been breached so badly now that it is useless to enforce it?

I think not. This relies of a false view of how the justice system should work. When someone murders a person that is a WORSE crime than just attempting to murder that person. Sure the damage is done and you can’t bring back the dead man/woman but what you can do is deter others from thinking that murder is something you can get away with.

Similarly the amount of people involved and the difficulty in catching them all just underlines the extra force that you need to use in dealing with the few that you can catch.

This is similar to the big commerce commission case where the company was forced to pay 3.9 million and two people from the business were prosecuted for obstructing the commission. The point the commission made was that it is very hard to catch people for collusion (the crime that the commerce commission prosecutes) and the punishment must deter others from thinking it is OK.

that being said I do suport a review of the law, what I dont support is people reviewing their respect for the law.


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