Tuesday, April 18, 2006


There have been recent cases of Bullying
and a father has been charged with assult in relation to the bully.
this goes to show how much of a joke our system is.
Bullying is a VERY serious issue. It is quite common for it to involve death threats frequent physical assults and theft and so forth. Many bullies at school if they were adults would get many years in jail. Potentially the rest of their lives if it was cumulative. But if a parent was to confront such a bully and
walk up to the boy, grabbed him by the neck, poked him on the nose and say, "Keep your hands off my child".
he would find himself in court.
Remember this is absolutly nothing compared to what the boy has done to his daughter.

It is these sorts of situations where a child at school (or the parents) rationally have to give up on the law and take it into their own hands regardless of the punishment.

meanwhile our schools have zero tolerance for text bullying
The girl was physically assaulted by fellow pupils, sent intimidating text messages and emails and other girls, who befriended her, were told by the bullies to ignore her.

St Margaret's College executive principal Claudia Wysocki said the school operated a British model designed to stamp out bullying called the "No Blame Procedure" in which instigators, bystanders and the victim are encouraged to "acknowledge, take ownership of and change" behaviour.

The man said the school principal's signature on his daughter's final report had left him completely bewildered.

The comments read, "I am at a loss to understand why (girl's name) believes she is not happy at St Margaret's".


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