Sunday, April 09, 2006

Current conflicts

Since poeple are constantly aluding to the top twenty current conflicts and what their causes are (for example suggesting they are largely the result of Islam) I thought I would do a little analysis.

Out of the 20 (I note there is a little bit of "matter of opinion" defining the top 20) 15 involve Islamic countries (and almost always Islam is a key factor in the motivation of one side at least) about 5 don't.

About 9 involve Christianity but this includes the drug based conflict in Columbia and the Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq (which will still exist even when the Americans are gone) so maybe that should be 6.

3 or 4 involve animists.

Of those that involve Islam about half are on the boarder of the Islamic world with budhist, catholic, anamists etc.

I note in addition to this there are other similarities - the list is dominated by southern Asia and West and central (on a north south basis) Africa (hot places??) and costal countries.


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