Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mia defends infantacide

Maia argues

But if a woman feels like she has no other choice but to wrap her baby up in a rubbish bag, I'm still on her side and will not judge her. I think the mother is more important than a new-born baby.

On David Farrar's site most people are disgusted but some suggest they could understand it in primitive societies, or others hint they can understand it in some desperate women as if that serves as an excuse.

Something being understandable doesn't mean it is justified - I can "understand" someone not wanting to take care of an infant and putting it in a rubbish bin (or for that matter raping a woman) - but I can't tolerate it.

Also Infanticide is not just bad in the harm it does to the baby (although that is bad enough), it also (like animal abuse) devalues the person who does it and declares them to be likely to be a risk in the future.


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