Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Moral high ground blog

Reuben asks a list of questions so here are my answers (all things being equal)

should i buy new clothes or op-shop? Op shop ideally - less wastage should be able to get the same for less.
which OS should i use? (should i pay for it?) No - marginal cost of a new OS is close to zero marginal benefit of any particular OS is generally not great (might mater to some people).
should i keep my promises? Usually - but break where this contradics more important things (ie dont keep a promise if you have to kill someone to do it).
should i go bush? - Depnds on lots of things but generaly i would say no - not sure the point of it.
should i grow my own veges? - you are probably less efficiant than a big farm but if it saves you money good on you.
should i keep fit? Generaly yes - it will probably benefit you in the long run.
should i wash spiders down the plug hole? No - althings being equal.
should i download mp3's - as long as you pay thier marginal cost ($0)
should i hand in the $20 i just found on the ground? Yes - but careful who you hand it to!
should i use a dishwasher, or use handwashing? hand is better all things being equal.
should i buy a slave? Depends on if you are emancipating him.
should i sell my self into slavery? No
should i own a pet? (what should i feed it?) - yes and the normal foods.
should i teach philosophy to young people? I guess so... try not to teach them how to be evil.
should i teach philosophy to old people? I guess so... try not to teach them how to be evil.
should i do charity work? Yes particularly if you have nothing else to do - depends on the charity a bit though.
should i give away part of my income? depends on to whom.
should i compost? If oyu have your own garden and can use it all then sure.
should i turn out the light when i leave a room? Yes
should i pick up litter when i see it lying on the foot path? maybe not
should i let homeless people sleep on my couch? I would advise against it, but if you know the guy - ok.
should i become a homeless person? If you want.
should i show my parents this blog? yes
should i wear leather shoes or senthetic shoes? Dont worry.
should i hunt rabbits? No (kiling animals for fun is moraly degrading)
should i drink? No
should i smoke? No
should i try other rereational drugs? maybe once
should i buy fair trade coffee? Not sure - maybe not.
should i pay for my coffee in the philosophy dept.? No (ok - you should probably collectively pay for the beans and stuff but not $1 a coffee)
should i let google put adds on my blog? Doesnt bother me
should i give public speachs on my beliefs? Why not - if nothing else it is cathardic
should i write into local media to express my views? Why not - if nothing else it is cathardic
should i speed or stick to the speed limit? stick to the limit (unless it is an emergency and you are wiling to pay the fine - don resent it if you get it).
should i share my last lollie(candy)? Yes (people like that)
should i play online video games? Yes it is a comunity
should i pay to play video games? Yes good for coordination adn quite fun


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