Saturday, June 03, 2006

$1000 fine for breaching suppression orders

Asher notes
Police in Christchurch have laid charges against two supporters of Louise Nicholas. Frances Martin and Daniel Rae, who both face a charge of breaching suppression orders

Martin and Rae appear at the Christchurch District Court at 9am on June 21st . A rally will be held outside the court from 8:30am

The offence of breaching suppression orders does not carry a term of imprisonment but carries a fine of $1000.

Aside from whether they should be charged or not - $1000 is a joke.
you could start a business doing this and make a tidy profit just absorbing the fines. A celebrity could do it just for the profile.

Besides getting paid by the interested parties I can, just off the top of my head, imagine a little business going to the court, recording whatever sensitive information there was, and then putting it on pamphlets with Viagra ads on them.


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