Sunday, June 04, 2006

Queens Honours

I am a little bit of a monarchist myself - but I still find these queens honors ridiculous. Someone received an award for "services to architecture" - I hope the best ditch digger got an award for "services to ditch digging", and for that matter Graeme heart should get an award for "services to money making".
I suggest the award should only be available to people who sacrifice beyond the call of duty for the good of the country or people in general rather like a purple heart.
Likely people to receive it would be firemen, police, people at accident scenes and potentially those who risk their lives in the name of charity.
Of course there would be varying degrees for various awards.

As it is the system reeks of corruption. I.e. you give rewards to rich famous and powerful people making them more so for no reason other than they have those traits.


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