Sunday, June 04, 2006

Time travel II

Two more thoughts

1) this relates to the multiple universes model (and some others). The time travel Fermi Paradox. If this world is a world where time travel is likely to become possible and we are likely to be able to go back in time to now or earlier then why haven’t we seen someone else do it?
If there are multiple universes then this universe would have many similar universes and out of those universes if any capable of time travel (or rather hop universes) they would have a huge incentive to do so, So one would expect it to happen millions of times from that universe. Thus almost every non time traveling universe would receive a visit from a time traveling one as long as being able to time travel was one of their possible futures (with more than a trivial probability).

The fact we haven’t seen it implies it is unlikely OR not very easy to see for some reason.

2) the second thought relates to the “within a single universe” time traveler. Lets say you “had” gone back in time and it is part of your history that you were governor of your country (you don’t have to be aware of it). Then you go back in time (almost exactly repeating what the last you did) - will you meet yourself governing the country?
the question here relates to whether you go back to a "default history" one where no time travel has occurred effectively wiping clean what you did "last time" or do you go back to your own history and meet another potentially almost identical you?


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