Saturday, July 01, 2006

Israel threatens palestinian leader

Israel is now threatening to assassinate the leader of Palestine.
Bad move I say.
Israel seems to have a strategy of escalating the conflict in a knee jerk sort of a way every time anything happens.
Obviously they can’t give in to terrorism and they cant do nothing - so I have a solution for them.
1) As soon as anyone gets kidnapped grab some sort of notable hamas person (for some legal reason) and offer them up as an exchange.
Your not giving in to terrorism because you only “kidnapped” the person in response to their kidnapping. If they refuse then just ignore them. If they kill the soldier you can fast track the execution of someone in the system or some other action that really says "you can't hurt us" "no point trying".
If you have very accurate information and are pretty sure it will work you can send a small squad in to rescue him but don’t send in the whole army every time based on just one person.


Anonymous "anti-Angie" said...

Hi Scottie.

I can agree with you in that I prefer my govt. conduct itself in different manners in many ocassions, including but not limited to ditching the famed Israeli stupidity inherent in underestimating the enemy's capabilities, a conceit born out of unwarranted overconfidence. This stupidity recently resulted in the near destruction of a naval ship off the Lebanese coastline due to a previous failure to turn on the electronic missile detection system which resulted in the killing of 4 sailors.

Anyway, seems like SF-IMC is finally dead after 2+ years of total anti-Zionist (wink-wink)censorship. Whether or not you'll remain in touch with Angie Tibbs is up to you two -- I don't want to say anything further on this lest I blurt something stupid. Yet I'm happy she has lost one of the podiums she used to utilize for airing her looney diatribes.

Unfortunately, 'nessie' has moved on and apparently found refuge in LA-IMC as a volunteer or even moderator. LA-IMC's sharp turn toward anti-Zionist censorship seems to coincide with his apparent arrival there. In fact, he has barely contributed to the threads since he entered their collective whereas he used to troll continuously before.
You're invited to join us (Tia, Schtarker Yid, Gehrig, Charismatic Megafauna, Lord Locksley and myself) there.


PS: One of your last posts tore in to Israel for making so much of a big deal over the kidnapped soldier in Gaza. I posted a comment explaining this attitude is a product of a sort of "Jewish" irrationality -- i.e., this seemingly excessive emphasis on trying to rescue even one captive is a product of the Jewish tradition of captive redemption. I also think your attitude in this regard would invite Hamas' ilk to kidnap even more soldiers since they'd construe your willingness to "forget" the hostage as a sign of weakness signaling they can keep kidnapping soldiers with impunity. You haven't seen my comment since 'nessie' simply deleted it.

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