Friday, September 08, 2006

ACT bumper stickers

David Farrar asked for suggestions on bumper stickers for ACT

Here are mine - both favourable and unfavourable

ACT - The party who brought you election telephone spam
ACT - busting perks up untill 2006
ACT - fear the government that fears your money
ACT -Back off! my law firm is bigger than yours.
ACT - If I drive like I own the road its probably because I do
ACT - give the poor an inch and they'll take a mile
Money isn't everything, but its pretty damn close
ACT - getting the able-bodied back to work through higher unemployment.
ACT - protecting the environment by doing nothing
ACT - personal responsibility (except for election spending).
ACT - Welcome to Epsom - don't stay long
ACT - The Rodney for Epsom party

and my favourites so far

ACT - thank god for strategic voting!

ACT - we are personally responsible - are you?

ACT - Money isn't everything, but it should be

a Vote for ACT is a Vote for $$ and change

ACT - I'm a nice guy it's just my party that's evil.

the economy/market will be fine all by itself - you just worry about your driving

give a man a fish and he will eat for a day - take it back and he will get a bloody job


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