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First clearly there is a massive change in the story from the original story. – this could be just a result of witnesses of traumatic events being unreliable of course.

But here is an analysis of zombie times analysis.

Claim #1: An Israeli missile pierced the exact center of the Red Cross on the roof of the ambulance.

No one seriously argues NOTHING happened - clearly SOMTHING hit the ambulance at some point in time.
Options are a 70mm shell, a missile from a drone, a missile from a helicopter, some part of a nearby building.
Now next to the hole that we now know is an air vent there is additional damage to the roof and in that area the roof has been forced in. So it would appear something hit that part of the roof.
Now it hit the roof on the front left hand side. Note how the front of the roof buckles up and the back down again seems to agree with the idea that it was hit from above with a bit of forward motion by an object (i.e. a shell of some sort). But look at the other photos and see the bed (on which the patient probably was has hole in it (it appears) and is if anything on the opposite side of the van to where the shell entered.

This would be what Zombie time terms the "non exploding missile" case. There are still remaining issues but it looks most likely.

Some seem to be sugesting this sort of thing
which potentially causes this sort of damage (although this may or may not be an example of this particular missile)
but the hole is pretty tiny for that.

Claim #2: The attack happened on July 23.

This is also interesting - as noted below the rust does appear to be more than you can expect from soaking a nail in diet coca cola which one really would expect to be worse than leaving it out in humid Lebanon. Even cars by the sea in south East Asia don’t seem to rust that fast. Still maybe the rain in Lebanon is polluted.... OR another interesting option maybe the metal oxidized partly as a result of the explosion... maybe a rust expert knows.

Lebanon is quite humid - but not all THAT humid

At first glance Id argues that the roof was already damaged. But I guess it is still possible....

Claim #3(&4): There was a huge explosion inside the ambulance.

Well obviously if we are going for the non exploding missile case that is a non starter.

1) The windshield was pushed inwards - well, again this fits somewhat - windshield buckles inwards as the roof is pushed a little forward. So again supporting a non exploding projectile.
However even for a non exploding shell,
aside from some of the ceiling material hanging down, nothing on the inside of the ambulance looks damaged either. All the seats, gurneys and even the floor appear to be untouched.

As the original media reports said, there were supposed to have been two damaged ambulances, yet most of the published pictures say that they depict "the" damaged ambulance. ... likely, as can be gleaned from the few scenes of both vehicles, is that the second ambulance was even less damaged than the one shown here, and consequently was ignored by photographers wanting to confirm the missile attack.

Claim #5: A man lying on a gurney inside the ambulance had his leg sheared off by the missile.

zombietime notes
"And as the pictures show, the floor seems to be undamaged as well. If a missile sheared off his leg, where did the missile go after that?”

All the photo’s look from the wrong angle (why???) since the hole is in the bed and presumably under it. But you can see the whole in one photo.

“And lastly: losing a leg is an extremely bloody affair. Where is the blood?"

Apparently according the reporters the heat fused the wound shut, not sure I believe that.
So now we wonder where IS the "missile"? no one seems to show the hole in the floor even though we can look into the hole and see what would presumably be close to its trajectory from the damage to the roof.
So what is the alternative?
Well presumably it is that he lost his leg some other less glorious way and decided to make himself famous. however he still needs to have been able to find an ambulance with a hole in the roof. Not as easy as it sounds - note most of the ambulances in the photos besides this one are in OK condition. So that doesn’t sound all that likely either.

*throws his hands up*

Claim #7: The ambulance driver who reported the incident was injured in the attack.

clearly not seriously more of what you might call an "ouchie" at worst. because later photos show him with no visible scars at all.

So the following are now possibilities
1) the original story is true and israel hit the ambulance on purpose
2) Israel hit the ambulance by accident (if they did it on purpose they used the wrong sort of weapon and it was dark so they probably would not have seen it – besides who attacks ambulances on purpose?)
3) Israel hit the ambulance on that day AND some evidence is being fabricated.
4) Israel hit the ambulance some time ago BUT it is being reused now for propaganda.
5) A VERY elaborate hoax with all evidence fabricated (as implied by Zombie time)
6) an accident by Hezbollah changed to propoganda.

Zombie times main point is a no brainer - the media were irresponsible in their reporting by not pointing out that the hole was the hole for the air vent (Almost everyone thought it was a missile about that size when in the remaining possible scenarios it is somthing more like a 7cm shell) and reporting various other quite damning aspects that appear now to be false.


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