Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ambulance Missile story

Sara smiles argues that the Ambulance attack evidence stands the test (which it does in a loose sense that somthing obviously attacked the ambulance).

Dan Riehl agrees that there does appear to be a damaged ambulance in the background - and there is - although that ambulance also doesnt appear to have a red cross sign on the top of it. that could be how we dont get a good look at it. Most of the red cross vans seem to be kept in good condition (at least in as far as the red cross is clearly painted on)

The impliation would be that it was a red cross van but it was no longer a red cross van.

Andrew bolt notes

Ambulance attack evidence stands the test

It does? But read on and you will find that reporter Sarah Smiles, who lived as a student in Beirut for four years, doesn’t confirm the evidence but change it:

• The missile through the Red Cross painted on the roof of one ambulance becomes a possible missile through the back of the other of the two that were attacked.


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