Friday, September 01, 2006

faux favourites

the USA once again has it slapped into them that they DO NOT have the best team in the world .

How on earth do they ever get to be the favourites when they never win?

sounds like someone could make a lot of money betting on any other serious team whenever they play. there is no luck involved hee, the USA consistantly performs as about the 4th best team in the world. They are full of excuses about the best players not being htere - but it doesnt matr who is there, they are around 4th.

They are a bit like the England soccer team. we watch manchester united, arsenal and liverpool on TV and they are very famous, but in the end england is about the 8th best team in the world.

always a good bet to bet against england in soccer.

BTW I pick Spain to beat Greece (close) and Argentina to beat "Team USA".


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