Friday, September 08, 2006

Ideal DOA movie

Dead or Alive has been released

But it sounds like it is just the usual rubbish.

I wish at least one of these films would accept that they are NOt going to win viewers with their story line. They don’t have a lord of the rings here they have a video game. This is all about keeping the game fans who are really your only potential audience (and people who they convince it is a "must see").

So what does that mean?
1) Do the fight scenes RIGHT. Get actors who can fight and spend some money on making it look good. You want someone in the audience to yell "oh shit!" the first time they see a good move (like my friend did when he saw blade I !). I hear this is not the case in DOA.
2) Get actors who match the characters reasonably closely even if you have to avoid getting stars. In this case AYANE IS JAPANESE!
3) ESPECALLY where there is not a demanding story line, KEEP TO THE DETAILS. In this case Christie is an assassin at the competition to kill Helena.
4) For one someone stick to the knock out story line.
I know this is hard to do because it forces you to tell multiple background stories and yet "eliminate them" prior to the end of the movie - but it can be done (for example in one of the Bruce lee movies), and it is all about having those big match-ups. Best of all it can be like a "Freddy vs. Jason" where you don’t actually know who will win. A rare thing in movies nowadays.

You would set up a smallish subset of the characters as good guys and another set as bad guys and then a set of "punching bags.
You introduce each character and their storyline - and mix this up a little with getting each fighter to fight a punching bag and eliminate them to demonstrate how good they are - the top bad guy's deputy (or the top bad guy if he is fighting) does it the easiest.
The good guys talk to each other but their storylines are separate in that they aren’t forming a 'team' per se.

then the good guys slowly eliminate bad guys except the strongest ones who slowly eliminate good guys (building up the frustration of other good guys) and where appropriate bad guys may fight other bad guys or good guys fight other god guys (because of the draw (and because everyone knows we want to see them fight!)

More story lines get explained as you go through the movie and those with the most in-depth story are there at the end.
Tournament mode isn’t exited until there are at most two good guys left. One good option is

- Person X throws the fight
- Person Y wins goes to fight bad guy and is beaten (or beats bad guy then is beaten by super bad guy)
- Guy who threw fight comes back and beats him.


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