Monday, July 02, 2007

Global warming

No right turn complains about Bush's ideas regarding blocking the sun (as opposed to the air conditioner idea which is the main story!)

What the US is doing in this context may be an attempt to push their own interests but the bottom line is that they are right. Kyoto WILL fail in it's current form (it is fundamental to it's nature) and even if it was reformed to work perfectly and result in a rapid decline of carbon emissions to 0 then it would STILL result in global warming, and a certain percentage chance in catastrophic global warming. you would want an ace up your sleeve to deal with that.

Now reflecting sun light sounds expensive and technologically difficult - but I can already think of some ideas that would be hugely less so than kyoto (on a apparent cost basis - of course if both save the planet they have a negitive net present cost). The downside of course is the fairly unpredictable environmental effects of the easiest solutions (e.g. pumping rare chemicals into the air) but that might not be true for others.

The problem is if one side is proposing valid ideas to distract and the other is denying those ideas are valid to maintain focus then both sides seem to think that the public are significantly more stupid than them.


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