Monday, November 06, 2006

Two things that bug me

1) if you go to a car auction or a tender you will make a bid at a certain price (lets say $6000 for a car. but afterwards you will probably find that there are a couple of extra fees a "on road cost" and a "tender/auction charge" maybe another $600.

Now the problem is when I am in an auction making a bid the seller isn't there. It is just be and the auction staff, why is it that I don’t bid by saying the full price I am willing to pay? Is there any other reason other than to make it look as though I am getting a cheaper deal than I really am?

2) Taxi drivers. If you look at their charge rates they will have a flag fall and a per km rate. But if you watch carefully you will see the amount they are going to charge you changes even while they are not moving. This appears to be due to a "waiting time" charge. Now any normal person would think waiting refers to "time spent waiting for the customer" but in reality it seems to be "time spent in total on this job (times a certain rate per minute).


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