Thursday, July 05, 2007

oil and australia

if resurce security is the reason why austrlaia is in iraq then they clearly have no idea what they are doing and should be sacked.

1) they cannot occupy iraq forever - do they think they are making friends there?
2) Anyway, has no one noticed iraq doesnt have all the world's oil its no good making friends with iraq if you've made enemies with everyone else who has oil
3) austrlaia doesnt have big oil companies like haliburton it can put in charge of iraqi oil.
4)generally speaking its cheeper to buy oil on the market than to send an army to a country defeat it and occupy it and then take its oil. Why not just sign an exclusive contract and pay them a billion extra.. that would be much cheeper.

Having said that no right turn notes

"a presumption that a country's natural resources are not theirs to exploit in any way they see fit"

well er its not like the left including NRT are not already sugesting we should put restrictions on how people can use oil. Sure he wouldn't invade a country - but then again we arent talking about invading here - more like "dubious peace keeping".


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