Sunday, September 30, 2007

NZ herald comments on media coverage

"We talk to you only because you are not just a reporter for Kiwi newspaper. Kiwi newspaper always makes Chinese people look bad," one Chinese community member said.

The Chinese woman's sentiments may well be justified. Trudy Millar, an Otago University student who recently did a study on mainstream news coverage of immigrants, found that they were almost always cast in a bad light.

Looking at the Herald, she found 127 stories on immigrants in the past three years, out of which 62 had content which she classified as portraying them negatively, 36 neutral and only 29 positive stories.

lincon then says

The result has been exceptional news coverage of a story which could have easily slipped into another negative portrayal of an immigrant community, but turned into one which cuts across racial boundaries, touched every heart and has truly fascinated the public.


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