Sunday, September 30, 2007

Trust defended

Grace Xue inidcates she even turned down an interview which could have earned her $10,000.

"We rejected that because it's not an opportunity for me to make money. You can't put a price on your dignity and you can't sell your own story."

Her partner, Shane, had taken two weeks off work without pay and it had cost them to make phonecalls to Australia related to the case but she never had any intention of trying to claim those, or any other expenses, from the trust.

Ms Xue also said she never had any intention of asking the trust to pay for the PR expense and has not even received a bill.

Now, with the trust formed Ms Xue said she has agreed to do an interview with a magazine for a "significant amount" but only if the payment goes directly to the trust.

Ms Xue said when she first learned about Qian Xun's plight she was told Madame Liu was elderly and did not have much money.

She said she has since learned Madame Liu does have money but says the trust will be there to give extra help.

the threads usually start with an old post translated here from septempber 2006. Then There are a number of people who will respond with various degrees of bile. Some of the worst of which call for her rape etc.
NZ herald says on this topic

Some people have gone so far as to wish the 27-year-old Auckland woman dead, while others have placed a curse on her young son.

There are clearly some sick people out there.

Ms Xue's spokesman, Tony Edmonds, said she was aware of the comments being made about her and had taken legal advice.

"It's hurtful and the early legal advice is that it's defamatory."

Edmonds said many of the defamatory allegations being posted about Ms Xue seemed to be the result of cultural differences.


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