Thursday, September 27, 2007

CYFS and 'pumpkin'

Grace Xue her partner, CYFS and the Grandmother will be considering Qian Xue's future .
Most likely she wil return to china with her grandmother - I say that because government ministers have already stated this to be the likely result and that CYFS might well be influenced by that.
Also while both parties have money enough to care for Qian Xun the grandmother is known to the child and is from the murdered as opposed to murderer's side of the family which they might think helps psychologically.

Regardless they should be putting their best peopel onto it so they should come up with the right decision whatever that might be.

CYFS released the below

Child, Youth and Family has a focus on keeping families together, but most importantly the welfare and interests of the child are the first and paramount consideration. Children thrive in a permanent homes that provide a sense of emotional, cultural and personal belonging, and the opportunity for life long attachments. It is very important that we work Qian's family to achieve this for her.

We will be meeting with the grandmother on her arrival in NZ and ensuring she is well supported and able to care for Qian. We will also be ensuring that Qian's emotional needs and wellbeing are well looked after. Our Australian colleagues will assist us with information about Qian's time in Australia to help in addressing her best interests.

In circumstances such as these it is important that we have legal protections in place for Qian. We are working closely with the Court to ensure that these are in place and that the process is smooth and efficient.

We are very conscious of the need to ensure decisions and plans are made promptly.

We are applying for Qian to be placed in the custody of the Chief Executive until further planning can occur. From there a number of steps will be required; and given the circumstances surrounding Qian it will be important that we are sensitive to the family's grief and the trauma that Qian has already suffered.

Our practice in these kinds of situations is to involve the family in discussions and decision making. We will be planning to bring family together to make plans for her; this will involve family who are in NZ and family in China who we can identify. It is important that family are at the heart of the planning for Qian. We will want to ensure that the family is provided with all the information we can give them so that they can make the best decisions for her. A lawyer will be appointed to Qian to ensure her best interests.

We understand visas will be required for Qian to leave NZ for China, if this is what is decided is in her best interests. If this is required we will work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Chinese Authorities to obtain the necessary documents.


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