Friday, October 12, 2007


I dont know about all this "we love the all blacks no matter what, thing that hte media seems to be going for. Sure I also dont support spitting on them (its not like I am better at rugby than them) but if I had jsut gone overseas, had been by far the favourite to win my sporting specialty and had been defeated in the quarter finals by a team that was beaten in their pool by a 'minnow' I wouldn't want to be greted at theairport by a crowd. Its like what they say in men are from mars and women are from venus - when you screw up you dont want understanding or anything you just want a cave to go hide in.

Now they have to go around hundreds of interviews with hollow sounding comments about how they are good because they tried their best or whatever. that would be like nails on a chalkboard to me. I think we should just leave them alone for a bit.

Still I guess tv3 spent millions on the coverage (and therefore have taken a hiding on the deal) and they are damn well going to get somthign out of it. I also Imagine that the little models are probably not selling very well - the company on the other hand has to PRETEND they are sellign well because if they dont then they destroy the collectable value of them and therefore undermine any sales they might still have.


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