Thursday, March 20, 2008

Draft sharing website

I am thinking of creating a draft sharing website - basically students and in particular academics would put their draft papers on the site and people would post information against those drafts that they think will improve them and make them fit for publication (or an A).

the system would have a smart system for ranking comments and handing out reward points to the most valuable members. in time it would have it's own 'journal'. there appears to be a niche out there created by academics wanting such a site - but lacking the technical skills to make it.

Well I can arrnage the technical part the help I need from readers is assistance in marketing the concept - ie getting academics, students, universities and so forth to sign up - or at least a commitment to do so when a reasonably well developed version of the website is up and ready.

Of course, never fear, there will never be fees for signing up, posting or commenting.


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