Sunday, June 22, 2008

Individualism and conservatism

Richard C argues against a point made by Bill Vallicella that individualism is inheritly related to conservatism. He counters that individualism is in fact it is the basis of his liberalism.

I have to agree with Richard here - In my experience conservatives are generally the group asking members of society to be productive members of society, and feeling frustrated when they are not. The liberals on the other hand often end up defending the anti-social people. Of course that takes a different spin when you go to the extreme like communism but on a day to day basis I don't meet many communists and I expect Bill doesn't either.

David Boaz however is attacking a more vulnerable target, although he does so with only one eye. Much as Richard might hate it it is highly likely that Obama is more into sacrifice for society and collectivism (even in a sense that could be considered abhorrent) than Richard, David or Bill, as with McCain. Why? because they are politicians. Politicians are almost always more authoritarain and collectivist than the peopel they rule becuase as decision makers they can assocaite more closely with
the state and it is their job to wondering about what a state should do, how it can fix problems via authority and how individuals prevent their idealized goals. And maybe that is how it should be, but I can see how average Joe who can't influence the state might get annoyed.


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